2022 Lipedema Triathlon

By Lipedema Fitness


JUNE 25 is the 7th Annual Lipedema Triathlon!

Locally being hosted by the Saratoga Regional YMCA – thank you! But this is a virtual event and you can participate from anywhere! Ask the YMCA in your area if you can do it there, at your local pool, or even in your own backyard.
This event was created in an effort to spread awareness for Lipedema, and the importance to keep moving and challenging ourselves. This is a free event, but we suggest making a donation to a Lipedema charity of your choice; we donate to: https://www.facebook.com/FatDisorders. If you are participating locally, there is a suggested $25 donation to the Saratoga Regional YMCA.

It is all-inclusive, meaning you can choose your level of involvement (do one lap, one mile, one leg of the race, or the full TRI, whatever your fitness level).

Triathlon races vary in distance, the one we are focusing on is the Sprint: 750-meter (0.47-mile) swim, 20-kilometer (12.4-mile) bike, 5-kilometer (3.1-mile) run/walk.

Learn about the event here.

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