Calling all Manitoba lipedema sufferers!

By Life Beyond Lipedema

Are you a fellow lipedema-affected person living in the province of Manitoba? Well, you’d better listen up because there is some exciting news.

I have reached out to a lawyer that specializes in advocacy for healthcare with the Province of Manitoba. The purpose of seeking legal help is to ensure that every Manitoban affected with lipedema has access to healthcare including, diagnosis, treatment (compression, manual lymphatic massage therapy, physiotherapists, and lymphatic sparing liposuction performed by a qualified specialist).

If our application for a class action representation is accepted by the legal team then all services will be provided through legal aid and therefore at no cost to us as individuals.

Yes, you read that correctly. If our case get’s enough women behind it then we would receive advocacy and legal representation paid for by legal aid.

Read the full article here.

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