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Body Positivity

Girl Scout Badge

Susan O’Hara, of Legs Like Mine, is a Girl Scout troop leader and saw the opportunity to present lipedema information to future doctors, medical professionals, patients, and friends/family members and provides the opportunity for scouts to earn this badge.

Patient Advocates

The following services are listed here for convenience and not as an endorsement.

Each year, Community Services League provides integrated services and connects thousands more living in Eastern Jackson County, Missouri, and beyond to temporary assistance to get through tough economic times. We offer hope for tomorrow while making connections to coaches who care and resources to build financial stability and self-sufficiency.

Cover Lipedema offers a service to help patients get their liposuction surgery covered by insurance.

Liposuction for Lipedema Reimbursement is not as an advocate per se but more as an educator or case manager. “I am not being paid per patient – my goal is to get every patient and every insurance company to reimburse for liposuction for lipedema nationwide.”

Patient Advocate is a national 501 (c)(3) non-profit charity that provides direct services to patients with chronic, life threatening and debilitating diseases to help access care and treatment recommended by their doctor. They provide case management services, a co-pay relief program, and financial aid funds.

Protecting your human rights when using health and care services

Protecting your human rights when using health and care services – Citizens Advice

Marshall Protocol

Marshall Protocol

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

Clean your skin with an alcohol swab prior to electrode placement. Always dry the area before applying the electrode pads. For the purposes of hygiene, don’t share your electrode pads with other people.

When removing your electrode pads from your skin, peel from the side of the electrode pad. Do not pull the electrode pad by the wire as it can easily compromise the electrode pad. Be sure to properly store your electrode pads after each electrotherapy session and make sure to stick the pads on the transparent plastic film provided in the pack. Place the film with the electrode pads back inside the poly bag and be sure to remove any excess air. Seal the bag for storage.

TENS units should only be used on healthy skin. Do not place electrodes around or on open wound. One of the potential TENS therapy side effects is that it interferes with implanted medical devices. The electrical current from the TENS unit could disrupt the functionality of pacemakers, potentially ruining the pacemaker and putting patients at risk. Do not place electrodes near your heart. Also, the electrical current could trigger an epileptic episode. If you have epilepsy, you should practice caution while using a TENS unit or consider not using it at all.

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