Lipedema Source serves as a clearinghouse for updated lipedema information gleaned from numerous sources. My goal for the site is to be a community effort, with input from members of the lipedema community, to become a place to share current information pertinent to our members. Your input is greatly valued and needed! Sharing our collective knowledge greatly benefits our community.

Ways to Help

Please review the lists of physicians and surgeons and therapists to ensure that your practitioners are on our lists. If not, please contact me, and I’ll be happy to add them.

Consider sharing your story on how lipedema has affected your life. What would you tell others about the disease? What advice can you offer? Please contact me with your submissions.

Consider writing a couple of paragraphs outlining your career, especially if you’re able to work remotely or have a job which does not require you to be on your feet constantly. There are so many who could benefit from your experiences.

Are you a practitioner? I welcome your articles and input! Please feel free to use this site as it’s intended–as an educational platform. Please contact me with your submissions, and I’ll be happy to get them added.

Are there additional resources you’ve come across that you’d like to add? Please contact me. I’m always looking for anything which can better the lives of patients in our community.

Have you signed up with the Lipedema Foundation’s Patient Registry?

Share the site. Let’s spread awareness of the disease.

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