Lipedema and the relationship to both fascia and inflammation

By Russell Schierling DC

Although the December 2011 issue of the medical journal Annals of Rehabilitative Medicine stated via the title of a published study (Lipedema, A Rare Disease) that this disease is, well, “rare,” this may not be the case at all. Just five years after this study was published in Annals, the person who is arguably the world’s foremost authority on lipedema, Dr. Karen Herbst MD PhD, showed us otherwise through the title of her scientific article, which I quoted at the top of the page. If Dr. Herbst is correct, it means that 17 million American women suffer from this problem.

What does she have to say about lipedema? For starters, it’s not simply a cosmetic issue — it’s both highly painful and extremely prone to bruising. What causes this? As nearly as I can tell, the lymphatics begin to leak fluid (lymph — the colorless fluid that bathes tissues, eventually draining into the bloodstream) into the superficial fatty tissues due to microscopic aneurysms. As to why this happens, many experts believe it to be yet another of the numerous AUTOIMMUNE ISSUES we are collectively being plagued with.

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