Lipedema gets new attention from St. Louis doctor after years of neglect, misdiagnosis

By Sarah Fenske
St. Louis Public Radio

Many, many women (and yes, it’s mostly women) suffer from lipedema. One estimate suggests as many as 11% of women are affected. Yet one study found that only a small percentage of women got the proper diagnosis when they presented with a textbook case.

Dr. Thomas Wright believes that should be a call for action. As medical director of the Laser, Lipo & Vein Center in O’Fallon, Missouri, he frequently sees patients suffering from lipedema, which involves an excess buildup of fat, often in the lower body. That fat is metabolically different from regular fat. Yet physicians often wrongly suggest to patients it’s the result of lifestyle choices — and misdiagnoses can lead to patients not getting treatment, becoming more sedentary due to the excess weight and developing another, more serious condition: lymphedema.

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