Dear Father in Heaven,

Thank you for the physicians, surgeons, and therapists who care for lipedema patients and advise us in making the right health choices. They share in our pain, fears, and grief. They work tirelessly to restore our health. We open our hearts to them, and they listen to us without judging us.

Bless the work of their hands. You are the ultimate healer and through them, we receive our physical healing. Guide their words. Guide them in the treatment of their patients. Guide their hand when they are in surgery.

Give them patience when doing physiotherapy. Let their ears and eyes be alert when in consultation. Give them wisdom. Give them strength.

Let Your Holy Spirit comfort them and guide every decision they make. Let their hearts desire to please You in every aspect of their work as the source of healing. Let their service to Your people be service to You.

You called them to be our earthly physicians, be their guide. When their strength runs slow, renew it. When their faith is shaken, renew it. Let them draw their confidence in Your healing power.

Please bless them. Give them peace.


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