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Epinephrine Savings Offers

Epinephrine is vital for those with mast cell activation syndrome.

Amedra Adrenaclick epinephrine injection auto-injector (EpiPen alternative)
Amneal generic epinephrine injection auto-injector (EpiPen alternative) Savings Coupon
Kaleo Auvi-Q epinephrine injection auto-injector (EpiPen alternative) Savings Offer and Patient Assistance Program
Mylan EpiPen epinephrine injection auto-injector Savings Programs

Online Pharmacies

Cost Plus Drug Company is a new pharmacy owned by Mark Cuban. They offer hundreds of common medications at the lowest possible prices, cutting out the pharmacy middlemen and passing along the savings.

Prescription Savings Programs

There are now many prescription savings programs to choose from. Several in our community have used these cards and programs below to save on prescriptions such as dextroamphetamine, which is usually not covered by insurance for use in lipedema.

Amazon Prime Rx is included with Prime memberships at no additional cost. This benefit provides savings on the price paid for prescription medications if you do not have or are not using insurance.
Buzz Rx
Good Rx
Help Rx
Optum Perks
Prescription Savings Card
Rx Assist offers a comprehensive database of these patient assistance programs run by pharmaceutical companies to provide free medications to people who cannot afford to buy their medicine, as well as practical tools, news, and articles so that health care professionals and patients can find the information they need. They also offer the option of a printable prescription savings card.
Rx Go
Rx Pharmacy Coupons
Rx Saver
Save Health
Single Care
Well Rx

Vasculera Savings Offer

Primus Care Direct is a hassle-free, mail-order pharmacy service where patients can get their Vasculera prescription for $49 for a 30-day supply or $117 for a 90-day supply ($39 per month), Medicare patients included. This is the lowest possible price available and includes free home delivery. If you have insurance, you may pay even less. In addition to patient savings and convenience, Primus Care Direct saves time for healthcare practitioners by helping to increase fill rates and eliminating call-backs for prior authorizations. Vasculera is also available at retail pharmacies, but Primus Care Direct guarantees patients will pay the lowest possible price on their prescription.

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