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A 10-year retrospective before-and-after study of lipedema surgery: Patient-reported lipedema-associated symptom improvement after multistage liposuction – P. Kruppa, I. Georgiou, J. Schmidt, M. Infanger, & M. Ghods (2022)

A journey through liposuction and liposculpture – Review – E. Bellini, M. Grieco, & E. Raposio (2017)

Aesthetic or functional indications for liposuction – M. Costagliola, B. Atiyeh, F. Rampillon, Y. Illouz, & S. Dibo (2013)

Fat redistribution following suction lipectomy – Defense of body fat and patterns of restoration – T. Hernandez, J. Kittelson, C. Law, L. Ketch, N. Stob, R. Lindstrom, … & R. Eckel (2011)

Functional and therapeutic indications of liposuction – B. Atiyeh, M. Costagliola, Y. Illouz, S. Dibo, E. Zgheib, & F. Rampillon (2015)

Improvements in patients with lipedema 4, 8 and 12 years after liposuction – A. Baumgartner, M. Hueppe, I. Meier-Vollrath, & W. Schmeller (2020)

In vivo endoscopy of septal fibers following different liposuction techniques reveals varying degrees of traumatization – A. Fatemi (2011)

Liposuction for the treatment of lipedema – A review of clinical effectiveness and guidelines – K. Peprah & D. MacDougall – Canadian Agency for Drugs & Technologies in Health (2019)

Liposuction devices – Technology update – S. Shridharani, J. Broyles, & A. Matarasso (2014)

Liposuction for advanced lymphedema – A multidisciplinary approach for complete reduction of arm and leg swelling – J. Boyages, K. Kastanias, L. Koelmeyer, C. Winch, T. Lam, K. Sherman, … & H. Mackie (2015)

Liposuction for lipedema – Functional therapy or aesthetic procedure – I. Georgiou, P. Kruppa, J. Schmidt, & M. Ghods (2020)

Liposuction for swelling in patients with lymphedema – A. Greene, S. Voss, & R. Maclellan (2017)

Liposuction for the treatment of lipedema – A review of clinical effectiveness and guidelines – K. Peprah & D. MacDougall (2019)

Liposuction in the treatment of lipedema – A longitudinal study – M. Dadras, P. Mallinger, C. Corterier, S. Theodosiadi, & M. Ghods (2017)

Liposuction is an effective treatment for lipedema – Results of a study with 25 patients – S. Rapprich, A. Dingler, & M. Podda (2010)

Liposuction normalizes – In contrast to other therapies – Lymphedema induced adipose tissue hypertrophy – H. Brorson (2012)

Liposuction of lipedema to prevent later joint complications – J. Stutz (2011)

Long-term benefit of liposuction in patients with lipoedema – A follow-up study after an average of 4 and 8 years – A. Baumgartner, M. Hueppe, & W. Schmeller (2015)

Prevention of progression of lipedema with liposuction using tumescent local anesthesia – Results of an international concensus conference – M. Sandhofer, C. Hanke, L. Habbema, M. Podda, S. Rapprich, W. Schmeller, K. Herbst, … & A. Halk (2018)

Standard of care for lipedema in the United States – K. Herbst, L. Kahn, E. Iker, C. Ehrlich, T. Wright, L. McHutchison, … & Ethan Larson (2021)

Survey outcomes of lipedema reduction surgery in the United States – K. Herbst, E. Hansen, L. Salinas, T. Wright, E. Larson, & J. Schwartz (2021)

Treatment of elderly patients with advanced lipedema – A combination of laser-assisted liposuction medial thigh lift and lower partial abdominoplasty – U. Wollina, B. Heinig, & A. Nowak (2014)

Treatment of lipedema by low-volume micro-cannular liposuction in tumescent anesthesia – Results in 111 patients – U. Wollina & B. Heinig (2019)

Treatment of lipoedema using liposuction – S. Rapprich, S. Baum, I. Kaak, T. Kottmann, & M. Podda (2015)

Tumescent liposuction in lipedema yields good long-term results – W. Schmeller, M. Hueppe, & I. Meier-Vollrath (2011)

Water jet-assisted liposuction for patients with lipoedema – Histologic and immunohistologic analysis of the aspirates of 30 lipoedema patients – J. Stutz & D. Krahl (2008)

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