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In very recent years, lipedema research has increased, and many of these papers can be downloaded below.

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3D spheroids derived from human lipedema ASCs demonstrated similar adipogenic differentiation potential and ECM remodeling to non-lipedema ASCs in vitro – S. Al-Ghadban, I. Pursell, Z. Diaz, K. Herbst, & B. Bunnell (2020)

A 10-year retrospective before-and-after study of lipedema surgery: Patient-reported lipedema-associated symptom improvement after multistage liposuction – P. Kruppa, I. Georgiou, J. Schmidt, M. Infanger, & M. Ghods (2022)

A distinct cytokine profile and stromal vascular fraction metabolic status without significant changes in the lipid composition characterizes lipedema – S. Wolf, J. Deuel, M. Hollmen, G. Felmerer, B. Kim, M. Vasella, … & E. Gousopoulos (2021)

A journey through liposuction and liposculpture – Review – E. Bellini, M. Grieco, & E. Raposio (2017)

A multi-gene panel to identify lipedema-predisposing genetic variants by a next-generation sequencing strategy – S. Michelini, K. Herbst, V. Precone, E. Manara, G. Marceddu, A. Dautaj, … & M. Bertelli (2022)

A young woman with excessive fat in lower extremities develops disordered eating and is subsequently diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, lipedema, and hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome – T. Wright & K. Herbst (2021)

Acupuncture in lymphoedema management – A feasibility study – B. de Valois, T. Young, & E. Melsome (2011)

Adipocyte nuclei captured from VAT and SAT – S. Ambati, P. Yu, E. McKinney, M. Kandasamy, D. Hartzell, C. Baile, & R. Meagher (2016)

Adipose Stem Cells from Lipedema and Control Adipose Tissue Respond Differently to Adipogenic Stimulation In Vitro – A. Bauer, D. von Lukowicz, K. Lossagk, U. Hopfner, M. Kirsch, P. Moog, … & D. Schmauss (2019)

Adipose tissue and biological factors – Possible link between lymphatic system dysfunction and obesity – K. Antoniak, R. Hansdorfer-Korzon, M. Mrugacz, & K. Zorena (2021)

Adipose tissue hypertrophy – An aberrant biochemical profile and distinct gene expression in lipedema – G. Felmerer, A. Stylianaki, R. Hagerling, A. Wang, P. Strobel, M. Hollmen, … & E. Gousopoulos (2020)

Adiposis dolorosa (Dercums disease) – MRI and ultrasound appearances – B. Tins, C. Matthews, M. Haddaway, V. Cassar-Pullicino, R. Lalam, J. Singh, & P. Tyrrell (2013)

Adiposis dolorosa is more than painful fat – K. Herbst & S. Asare-Bediako (2007)

Advances in lymphedema – S. Rockson (2021)

Aesthetic or functional indications for liposuction – M. Costagliola, B. Atiyeh, F. Rampillon, Y. Illouz, & S. Dibo (2013)

Airplane travel and lymphedema – A case study – L. Ward, K. Battersby, & S. Kilbreath (2009)

Aldo-keto reductase 1C1 (AKR1C1) as the first mutated gene in a family with nonsyndromic primary lipedema – S. Michelini, P. Chiurazzi, V. Marino, D. Dell’Orco, E. Manara, M. Baglivo, … & K. Herbst (2020)

An approach to lipedema – A literature review of current knowledge of an underestimated health problem – A. Tugral & Y. Bakar (2019)

An overview of lymphedema intervention functional limitations and the disability framework- – C. Carter, V. Jackson, & D. Edwards (2020)

Analysis of lymphatic drainage in various forms of leg edema using two compartment lymphoscintigraphy – P. Brautigam, E. Foldi, I. Schaiper, T. Krause, W. Vanscheidt, & E. Moser (1998)

Anti-fibrosclerotic effects of shock wave therapy in lipedema and cellulite – W. Siemsa, T. Gruneb, P. Vossb, & R. Brenke (2005)

Best practice guidelines – The management of lipoedema – Wounds UK (2017)

Biochemistry of adipose tissue – An endocrine organ – M. Coelho, T. Oliveira, & R. Fernandes (2017)

Butchers broom and selenium improve lipedema – A retrospective case study – S. Nourollahi, T. Mondry, & K. Herbst (2013)

Cause and management of lipedema-associated pain – H. Aksoy, A. Karadag, & U. Wollina

Complex decongestive lymphatic therapy with or without Vodder II manual lymph drainage- – T. Gradalski, K. Ochalek, & J. Kurpiewska (2015)

Dercums disease – A mimic of fibromyalgia – G. Myung & M. Fang (2014)

Dercums disease – Estimating the prevalence of a rare painful loose connective tissue disease – N. Munguia, R. Mozayeni, T. Wright, & K. Herbst (2021)

Dercums disease white paper – K. Herbst

Differential diagnoses and treatment of lipedema – M. Wiedner, D. Aghajanzadeh, & D. Richter (2020)

Differentiating lipedema and Dercums disease – K. Beltran & K. Herbst (2017)

Dilated blood and lymphatic microvessels angiogenesis increased macrophages and adipocyte hypertrophy in lipedema thigh skin and fat tissue – S. AL-Ghadban, W. Cromer, M. Allen, C. Ussery, M. Badowski, D. Harris, & K. Herbst (2019)

Disease progression and comorbidities in lipedema patients – A 10-year retrospective analysis – M. Ghods, T. Georgiou, J. Schmidt, & P. Kruppa (2020)

Early lipoedema diagnosis and the RCGP e-learning course – A. Fetzer & S. Fetzer (2015)

Edema and pain reduction using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation treatment – Y. Choi & J. Lee (2016)

Effect of a ketogenic diet on pain and quality of life in patients with lipedema – The LIPODIET pilot study – V. Sorlie, A. De Soysa, A. Hyldmo, K. Retterstol, C. Martins, & S. Nymo (2021)

Endotrophin triggers adipose tissue fibrosis and metabolic dysfunction – K. Sun, J. Park, O. Gupta, W. Holland, P. Auerbach, N. Zhang, … & P. Scherer (2014)

Estrogen as a contributing factor to the development of lipedema – S. Al-Ghadban, M. Teeler, & B. Bunnell (2021)

Fat redistribution following suction lipectomy – Defense of body fat and patterns of restoration – T. Hernandez, J. Kittelson, C. Law, L. Ketch, N. Stob, R. Lindstrom, … & R. Eckel (2011)

Fibrosis and adipose tissue dysfunction – K. Sun, J. Tordjman, K. Clement, & P. Scherer (2013)

Functional and therapeutic indications of liposuction – B. Atiyeh, M. Costagliola, Y. Illouz, S. Dibo, E. Zgheib, & F. Rampillon (2015)

Genetics of lipedema – New perspectives on genetic research and molecular diagnoses – S. Paolacci, V. Precone, F. Acquaviva, P. Chiurazzi, E. Fulcheri, M. Pinelli, … & M. Bertelli (2019)

Hepatic lipotoxicity and the pathogenesis of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis – The central role of nontriglyceride fatty acid metabolites – B. Neuschwander-Tetri (2010)

Improvements in patients with lipedema 4, 8 and 12 years after liposuction – A. Baumgartner, M. Hueppe, I. Meier-Vollrath, & W. Schmeller (2020)

In vivo endoscopy of septal fibers following different liposuction techniques reveals varying degrees of traumatization – A. Fatemi (2011)

Increase in leptin and PPAR-y gene expression in lipedema adipocytes differentiated in vitro from adipose-derived stem cells – S. Al-Ghadban, Z. Diaz, H. Singer, K. Mert, & B. Bunnell (2020)

Increased levels of VEGF-C and macrophage infiltration in lipedema patients without changes in lymphatic vascular morphology – G. Felmerer, A. Stylianaki, M. Hollmen, P. Strobe, A. Stepniewski, A. Wang, … & E. Gousopoulos (2020)

Indocyanine green lymphography is superior to lymphoscintigraphy for diagnostic imaging of early lymphedema of the upper limbs – M. Mihara, H. Hara, J. Araki, K. Kikuchi, M. Narushima, T. Yamamoto, … & I. Koshima (2012)

Inflammatory manifestations of experimental lymphatic insufficiency – R. Tabibiazar, L. Cheung, J. Han, J. Swanson, A. Beilhack, A. An, … & S. Rockson (2006)

Insights on the pathophysiology diagnosis and treatment of lipedema – K. Herbst (2020)

Interstitial fluid in lipedema and control skin – M. Allen, M. Schwartz, & K. Herbst (2020)

Introduction to lipedema – T. Wright (2016)

Is lipedema a unique entity – A. Amato (2020)

Ketogenic diet as a potential intervention for lipedema – L. Keith, C. Seo, C. Rowsemitt, M. Pfeffer, M. Wahi, M. Staggs, … & M. Carmody (2020)

Key signaling networks are dysregulated in patients with the adipose tissue disoder lipedema – M. Ishaq, N. Bandara, S. Morgan, C. Nowell, A. Mehdi, R. Lyu, … & T. Karnezis (2021)

Left ventricular rotational mechanics differ between lipedema and lymphedema – A. Nemes, A. Kormanyos, P. Domsik, A. Kalapos, L. Kemeny, T. Forster, & G. Szolnoky (2018)

Lemon polyphenols suppress diet-induced obesity by up-regulation of mRNA levels of the enzymes involved in β-oxidation in mouse white adipose tissue – Y. Fukuchi, M. Hiramitsu, M. Okada, S. Hayashi, Y. Nabeno, T. Osawa, & M. Naito (2008)

Lipedema – C. Canning & J. Bartholomew (2018)

Lipedema – A call to action! – G. Buso, M. Depairon, D. Tomson, W. Raffoul, R. Vettor, & L. Mazzolai (2019)

Lipedema – A clinical challenge – Revisited – M. Omaira, A. Mehrotra, M. Fankhauser, B. Hrinczenko, & N. Dimitrov (2015)

Lipedema – A commonly misdiagnosed fat disorder – M. Caruana (2018)

Lipedema – A frequently misdiagnosed and misunderstood fatty deposition syndrome – C. Fife, E. Maus, & M. Carter (2010)

Lipedema – A giving smarter guide – E. Lontok, L. Briggs, M. Donlan, Y. Kim, E. Mosley, E. Riley, & M. Stevens

Lipedema – A painful adipose tissue disorder – S. Al-Ghadban, K. Herbst, & B. Bunnell (2019)

Lipedema – A rare disease – B. Shin, Y. Sim, H. Jeong, & G. Kim (2011)

Lipedema – A relatively common disease with extremely common misconceptions – D. Buck & K. Herbst (2016)

Lipedema – A review of the literature – J. Okhovat & A. Alavi (2014)

Lipedema – An overview for clinicians – E. Dayan, J. Kim, M. Smith, C. Seo, R. Damstra, W. Schmeller, … & S. Rockson (2017)

Lipedema – An overview of its clinical manifestations diagnosis and treatment of the disproportional fatty deposition syndrome – Systematic review – I. Forner-Cordero, G. Szolnoky, A. Forner-Cordero, & L. Kemeny (2012)

Lipedema and Dercums disease – A new application of bioimpedance – R. Crescenzi, P. Donahue, S. Weakley, M. Garza, M. Donahue, & K. Herbst (2019)

Lipedema and nutrition – L. Kahn (2012)

Lipedema and nutrition – What’s the link – C. Roberto & E. Cione (2020)

Lipedema and obesity – K. Herbst (2014)

Lipedema and the Evolution to Lymphedema With the Progression of Obesity – – L. de Godoy , H. de Godoy , P. Capeletto , M. Godoy , J. de Godoy (2020)

Lipedema can be treated non-surgically – A report of 5 cases – A. Amato & D. Benitti (2021)

Lipedema – Diagnostic and management challenges – A. Peled & E. Kappos (2016)

Lipedema fat and signs and symptoms of illness increase with advancing stage – K. Herbst, L. Mirkovskaya, A. Bharhagava, Y. Chava, & C. Te (2015)

Lipedema – Friend and foe – Y. Sanchez-De la Torre, R. Wadeea, V. Rosas, & K. Herbst (2018)

Lipedema – Guidelines – German Society of Phlebology – V. Wienert, E. Foldi, M. Junger, H. Partsch, E. Rabe, S. Rapprich, … & F. Waldermann (2009)

Lipedema – Guidelines in the Netherlands 2014 – Dutch Society for Dermatology and Venereology (2014)

Lipedema in patients after bariatric surgery – J. Bast, L. Ahmed, & R. Engdahl (2016)

Lipedema is associated with increased aortic stiffness – G. Szolnoky, A. Nemes, H. Gavaller, T. Forster, & L. Kemeny (2012)

Lipedema is not lymphedema – A review of current literature – E. Shavit, U. Wollina, & A. Alavi (2018)

Lipedema – Pathogenesis diagnosis and treatment options – P. Kruppa, I. Georgiou, N. Biermann, L. Prantl, P. Klein-Weigel, & M. Ghods (2020)

Lipidema and lymphedema – The leaky lymph weight loss resistance and intestinal permeability connection – O. Coetzee & D. Filatova (2017)

Lipodystrophy syndromes – I. Hussaina & A. Garg (2008)

Lipoedema – A family story – L. Ellery (2014)

Lipoedema – A paradigm shift and consensus – T. Bertsch, G. Erbacher, & R. Elwell (2020)

Lipoedema – From clinical presentation to therapy – A review of the literature – S. Langendoen, L. Habbema, T. Nijsten, & H. Neumann (2009)

Lipoedema – Myths and facts Part 1 – T. Bertsch & G. Erbacher (2018)

Lipoedema – Myths and facts Part 2 – T. Bertsch & G. Erbacher (2018)

Lipoedema – Myths and facts Part 3 – T. Bertsch & G. Erbacher (2018)

Lipoedema – Myths and facts Part 4 – T. Bertsch, G. Erbacher, & N. Torio-Padron (2019)

Lipoedema – Myths and facts Part 5 – T. Bertsch, G. Erbacher, D. Corda, R. Damstra, K. van Duinen, R. Elwell, … & T. Zahringer (2020)

Lipoedema as a social problem – a scoping review – M. Czerwinska, P. Ostrowska, & R. Hansdorfer-Korzon (2021)

Lipoedema in patients after bariatric surgery – Report of two cases and review of literature – Lipoedema and obesity – S. Pouwels, S. Huisman, H. Smelt, M. Said, & J. Smulders (2018)

Lipoedema management – Gaps in our knowledge – S. Hodson & S. Eaton (2013)

Liposuction for the treatment of lipedema – A review of clinical effectiveness and guidelines – K. Peprah & D. MacDougall – Canadian Agency for Drugs & Technologies in Health (2019)

Liposuction – Where are we and where are we going – A. Pena (2015)

Liposuction devices – Technology update – S. Shridharani, J. Broyles, & A. Matarasso (2014)

Liposuction for advanced lymphedema – A multidisciplinary approach for complete reduction of arm and leg swelling – J. Boyages, K. Kastanias, L. Koelmeyer, C. Winch, T. Lam, K. Sherman, … & H. Mackie (2015)

Liposuction for lipedema – Functional therapy or aesthetic procedure – I. Georgiou, P. Kruppa, J. Schmidt, & M. Ghods (2020)

Liposuction for swelling in patients with lymphedema – A. Greene, S. Voss, & R. Maclellan (2017)

Liposuction for the treatment of lipedema – A review of clinical effectiveness and guidelines – K. Peprah & D. MacDougall (2019)

Liposuction in the treatment of lipedema – A longitudinal study – M. Dadras, P. Mallinger, C. Corterier, S. Theodosiadi, & M. Ghods (2017)

Liposuction is an effective treatment for lipedema – Results of a study with 25 patients – S. Rapprich, A. Dingler, & M. Podda (2010)

Liposuction normalizes – In contrast to other therapies – Lymphedema induced adipose tissue hypertrophy – H. Brorson (2012)

Liposuction of lipedema to prevent later joint complications – J. Stutz (2011)

Living with Lipoedema – Reviewing different self-management techniques – A. Fetzer & C. Wise (2015)

Long-term benefit of liposuction in patients with lipoedema – A follow-up study after an average of 4 and 8 years – A. Baumgartner, M. Hueppe, & W. Schmeller (2015)

Low-frequency vibrotherapy considerably improves the effectiveness of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) in patients with lipedema – A two-armed, randomized, controlled pragmatic trial – R. Schneider (2020)

Lymph – Lipoedema treatment in its different approaches – Wounds UK (2008)

Lymphangiogenesis and lymphatic remodeling induced by filarial parasites – implications for pathogenesis – S. Bennuru & T. Nutman (2009)

Lymphatic complaints in the dermatology clinic – An osteopathic approach – B. McIlwee, J. Lloyd, & M. Rowane

Lymphatic medicine – Paradoxically and unnecessarily ignored – S. Rockson (2017)

Lymphatic system acts as a vital link between metabolic syndrome and inflammation – S. Chakraborty, S. Zawieja, W. Wang, D. Zawieja1, & M. Muthuchamy (2010)

Lymphatic system and associated adipose tissue in the development of inflammatory bowel disease – P. von der Weid & K. Rainey (2010)

Lymphedema risk reduction practices – NLN Medical Advisory Committee (2012)

Lymphoedema and lipoedema treatment in Ireland

Lymphoscintigraphic findings in patients with lipedema – I. Forner-Corderoa, P. Oliván-Sasot, C. Ruiz-Llorca, & J. Munoz-Langa (2018)

Manual lymphatic drainage and quality of life in patients with lymphoedema and mixed oedema – A systematic review of randomized controlled trials – M. Muller, K. Klingberg, M. Wertli, & H. Carreira (2018)

Massive localized lymphedema – A case series and literature review – R. Evans & C. Scilley (2011)

Mechanisms of deep oscillation – Manual Lymphatic Drainage UK (2017)

Metabolic and immunological phenotype of rare lipomatoses – Dercum’s disease and Roch-Leri mesosomatic lipomatosis – M. Lemaitre, B. Chevalier, A. Jannin, K. Le Mapihan, S. Boury, G. Lion, … & M. Vantyghem (2021)

Mitochondrial metabolism is a key regulator of the fibro-inflammatory and adipogenic stromal subpopulations in white adipose tissue – N. Joffin, V. Paschoal, C. Gliniak, … D. Oh, R. Gupta, & P. Scherer (2021)

Mobility problems and weight regain by misdiagnosed lipoedema after bariatric surgery – Illustrating the medical and legal aspects – S. Langendoen, L. Habbema, T. Nijsten, & H. Neumann (2019)

Molecular analysis and differentiation capacity of adipose – Derived stem cells from lymphedema tissue – B. Levi, J. Glotzbach, M. Sorkin, J. Hyun, M. Januszyk, D. Wan, … & G. Gurtner (2013)

Muscle strength and functional exercise capacity in patients with lipoedema and obesity – A comparative study – J. van Esch-Smeenge, R. Damstra, & A. Hendrickx (2017)

Neuroimaging of cerebral blood flow and sodium in women with lipedema – K. Petersen, M. Garza, P. Donahue, K. Harkins, A. Marton, J. Titze, … & R. Crescenzi (2020)

New insights on lipedema – The enigmatic disease of the peripheral fat – A. Bauer, D. von Lukowicz, K. Lossagk, M. Aitzetmueller, P. Moog, M. Cerny, … & H. Machens (2019)

Non-contrast MR lymphography of lipedema of the lower extremities – M. Cellina, D. Gibelli, M. Soresina, A. Menozzi, C. Martinenghi, M. Panzeri, & G. Oliva (2020)

Nutrition insulin resistance and dysfunctional adipose tissue determine the different components of metabolic syndrome – J. Paniagua (2016)

Obesity but not high-fat diet impairs lymphatic function – G. Nores, D. Cuzzone, N. Albano, G. Hespe, R. Kataru, J. Torrisi, … & B. Mehrara (2016)

Osteopathic considerations in patients with lymphedema – A. Hart & P. Kooyman

Pain with lipoedema – W. Schmeller & I. Meier-Vollrath (2008)

Pathophysiological dilemmas of lipedema – E. Szel, L. Kemeny, G. Groma, & G. Szolnoky (2014)

Persistent lipedema pain in patients after bariatric surgery: A case series of 13 patients – M. Cornely, T. Hasenberg, O. Cornely, C. Ure, C. Hettenhausen, & J. Schmidt (2022)

Physical properties of short-stretch compression bandages used to treat lymphedema – T. King, II & J. Droessler (2000)

Physical therapy in women with early stage lipedema – Potential impact of multimodal manual therapy, compression, exercise, and education interventions – P. Donahue, R. Crescenzi, K. Petersen, M. Garza, N. Patel, C. Lee, … & M. Donahue (2021)

Pilot study – Rapidly cycling hypobaric pressure improves pain after 5 days in adiposis dolorosa – K. Herbst & T. Rutledge (2010)

Pilot study – Whole body manual subcutaneous adipose tissue SAT therapy improved pain and SAT structure in women with lipedema – K. Herbst, C. Ussery, & A. Eekema (2017)

Pioglitazone enhances small-sized adipocyte proliferation in subcutaneous adipose tissue – K. Kajita, I. Mori, T. Hanamoto, T. Ikeda, K. Fujioka, M. Yamauchi, … & T. Ishizuka (2012)

Platelet factor 4 is a biomarker for lymphatic-promoted disorders – W. Ma, … S. Rockson, & G. Oliver (2020)

Potential effects of a modified Mediterranean diet on body composition in lipoedema – L. Di Renzo, G. Cinelli, L. Romano, S. Zomparelli, G. De Santis, P. Nocerino, … & A. De Lorenzo (2021)

Preventative measures for lymphedema – Separating fact from fiction – Y. Cemal, A. Pusic, & B. Mehrara (2011)

Prevention of progression of lipedema with liposuction using tumescent local anesthesia – Results of an international concensus conference – M. Sandhofer, C. Hanke, L. Habbema, M. Podda, S. Rapprich, W. Schmeller, K. Herbst, … & A. Halk (2018)

Progressive lipo-lymphedema associated with increased activity of dermal fibroblasts in monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance – Is there a causal relationship? – A. Thielitz, M. Bellutti, B. Bonnekoh, I. Franke, A. Wiede, M. Lotzing, … & H. Gollnick (2012)

Rare adipose disorders masquerading as obesity – K. Herbst (2012)

S1 Guidelines – S. Reich-Schupke, W. Schmeller, W. Brauer, M. Cornely, G. Faerber, M. Ludwig, … & C. Ure (2015)

Six months supplementation with conjugated linoleic acid induces regional specific fat mass decreases in overweight and obese – J. Gaullier, J. Halse, H. Hoivik, K. Hoye, C. Syvertsen, M. Nurminiemi, … & O. Gudmundsen (2007)

Standard of care for lipedema in the United States – K. Herbst, L. Kahn, E. Iker, C. Ehrlich, T. Wright, L. McHutchison, … & Ethan Larson (2021)

Subcutaneous adipose tissue diseases – Dercum disease lipedema familial multiple lipomatosis and Madelung disease – K. Herbst (2019)

Subcutaneous adipose tissue therapy reduces fat by dual x-ray absorptiometry scan and improves tissue structure by ultrasound in women with lipoedema and Dercum disease – M. Ibarra, A. Eekema, C. Ussery, D. Neuhardt, K. Garby, & K. Herbst (2018)

Successful treatment of Dercums disease by transcutaneous electrical stimulation – S. Martinenghi, A. Caretto, C. Losio, M. Scavini, & E. Bosi (2015)

Survey outcomes of lipedema reduction surgery in the United States – K. Herbst, E. Hansen, L. Salinas, T. Wright, E. Larson, & J. Schwartz (2021)

The developmental origins of adipose tissue – D. Berry, D. Stenesen, D. Zeve, & J. Graff (2013)

The diagnosis and treatment of lymphedema – NLN Medical Advisory Committee (2011)

The multicomponent medication lymphomyosot improves the outcome of experimental lymphedema – A. Keim, J. Slis, U. Mendez, E. Stroup, Y. Burmeister, N. Tsolaki, … & Jeremy Goldman (2013)

Thick legs – Not always lipedema – S. Reich-Schupke, P. Altmeyer, & M. Stucker (2012)

Tissue sodium content is elevated in the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue in women with lipedema – R. Crescenzi, A. Marton, P. Donahue, H. Mahany, S. Lants, P. Wang, … & J. Titze (2018)

Treatment of elderly patients with advanced lipedema – A combination of laser-assisted liposuction medial thigh lift and lower partial abdominoplasty – U. Wollina, B. Heinig, & A. Nowak (2014)

Treatment of lipedema by low-volume micro-cannular liposuction in tumescent anesthesia – Results in 111 patients – U. Wollina & B. Heinig (2019)

Treatment of lipoedema using liposuction – S. Rapprich, S. Baum, I. Kaak, T. Kottmann, & M. Podda (2015)

Treatment for lymphedema of the arm – The Casley-Smith method – J. Casley-Smith, M. Boris, S. Weindorf, & B. Lasinski (1998)

Treatments for painful and other fatty lumps – K. Herbst (2008)

Tumescent liposuction in lipedema yields good long-term results – W. Schmeller, M. Hueppe, & I. Meier-Vollrath (2011)

Upper and Lower Extremity Measurement of Tissue Sodium and Fat Content in Patients with Lipedema – R. Crescenzi, P. Donahue, K. Petersen, M. Garza, N. Patel, C. Lee, … & M. Donahue (2020)

Urtica – Ordinary plants with extraordinary properties – D. Kregiel, E. Pawlikowska, & H. Antolak (2018)

Utilizing complete decongestive therapy to treat lymphedema – Evidence from contemporary literature – K. Thrift & D. Squire (2013)

Vascular endothelial growth factor-D overexpression and lymphatic expansion in murine adipose tissue improves metabolism in obesity – A. Chakraborty, S. Barajas, G. Lammoglia, A. Reyna, T. Morley, J. Johnson, … & J. Rutkowski (2019)

Water jet-assisted liposuction for patients with lipoedema – Histologic and immunohistologic analysis of the aspirates of 30 lipoedema patients – J. Stutz & D. Krahl (2008)

Womens experiences of living with lipedema – C. Melandera, P. Juusoa, & M. Olssona (2021)

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