Province won’t pick up $167,000 tab to treat woman’s painful disease

By Malak Abas
Winnipeg Free Press

A 37-year-old nurse afflicted with a disfiguring condition says the Manitoba government won’t cover the $167,000 cost of treatment that would drastically improve her quality of life.

Emma Cloney, who has advanced lipedema, is prepared to pursue a human rights complaint after consulting with lawyers.

“I’m already living in constant pain, what have I got to lose? Because I really need help. And I’ve screamed from the rooftops as a professional, begged, written letters. No one is hearing me.”

In July, after seeing 15 specialists, Cloney was diagnosed with the painful condition in which excess fat builds up on parts of the body. It can’t be treated with diet or exercise. Instead, it requires a procedure known as lymphatic sparing liposuction, which isn’t available in Manitoba.

She was told she would need to find a lipedema specialist outside of Canada, likely in the United States or Europe.

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