Size 14 woman branded ‘obese’ by doctors because of rare leg condition

By Hayley Pugh & Chiara Fiorillo
Mirror UK

A woman who said she was branded “obese” by doctors has been diagnosed with a rare chronic condition that causes her legs to swell up.

Danielle Thornton first noticed her legs becoming swollen at the age of 14 and, despite being a fit and active teenager, she found herself being bullied due to her physical appearance.

The 33-year-old woman said she visited doctors “constantly” over the past 20 years and after being labelled as obese, she tried many different diets.

Danni, a proposal manager from Coventry, said she also walked 20,000 steps per day and visited the gym daily in a bid to shrink her legs, but nothing worked.

After visiting a specialist in London in July, she was diagnosed with Lipoedema, an incurable disease caused by an abnormal build-up of fat cells in various parts of the body.

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