With 280 pounds lost, Jane feels “better than ever”

By Anne Mullens
Diet Doctor

Before she committed to the ketogenic diet in the spring of 2020, Jane was close to losing her mobility.

Diagnosed with Stage 3 lipedema, her legs were so swollen, heavy, and painful that she had to walk with two canes or a bariatric walker. Her weight had hit a high of 460 pounds (208 kilos).

She’d tried many diets before and always ended up gaining back everything she had lost and more. However, she’d heard through lipedema support groups that a ketogenic diet might help.

Diet Doctor has written a guide about lipedema as well as a special article about women’s experiences using the ketogenic diet to improve their weight and symptoms.

When she hit rock bottom in February 2020, Jane decided that she, too, would commit to ketogenic eating.

Within 18 months of keto eating Jane had lost 250 pounds (113 kilos) and feels in the best health of her life.
With the support of her doctors, an online community, and the guidance of a clinical nutritionist as her ketogenic coach, within 18 months of keto eating she had lost 250 pounds (113 kilos.) “I feel truly alive for the first time in a long time. I have a new vitality that I never thought would be possible for me at the age of 49,” Jane said in September 2021.

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